Who is your favorite local politician at the moment?

LocalTalk_bertFNeal Coonerty because he’s sort of a home-grown type guy. I think he’s got the best interest at heart for the local people and business, and I certainly hope he is able to persuade some of the other government officials to pay more attention to the problem were having with gangs.

Bert Faucher
Santa Cruz | Independent Contractor


LocalTalk_stephanieRMike Rotkin because he has integrity, he’s helpful and available. He’s a very decent man.
Stephanie Rado
Santa Cruz | Unemployed


LocalTalk_gilbertASimba Canyada who ran for city council, because he’s an honest person interested in the welfare of his neighbors.
Gilbert Anthony Cadilli
Santa Cruz | Musician


LocalTalk_kitOI think Cynthia Mathews is doing a good job of making Santa Cruz a better place—for families and the general public—by helping clean up these areas that Take Back Santa Cruz has targeted. Areas like the tracks between Almar and Fair streets, and Evergreen Cemetary by Harvey West Park.
Kit O’Leary
Santa Cruz | Wine Sales/Merchandising

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