Who’s the biggest trick (and/or treat) out there in the world?

localtalk_bonnieEMy husband Clay Olsen. He’s kind of like a trickster and he’s full of surprises and you never know what he’s going to say at any given time. People call him a mythbuster or a trance breaker. And he could just say something very off the wall without worrying what people think. And he has statements that kind of wake you up.
Bonnie Eskie
Santa Cruz | Psychotherapist





localtalk_CarmieMI’d say Arnold Schwarzenegger is a joke and I don’t know how he’s the governor. I do in-home care and he’s trying to get rid of in-home care, change the hourly wage from $11.50 to $9.50.
Carmie Morea
Felton | In-home Caregiver




localtalk_ColleenSI think Michael Jackson is the biggest trick and treat because he brought us such beautiful music … and dangers to kids.
Colleen Segale
Aptos | Substitute Teacher





localtalk_alexRKanye West is totally entertaining even though he’s completely obnoxious. So you might hate him but you always follow what’s going on.
Alex Rudnick
Santa Cruz | Teacher

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