Why I Had to Give Up Milk

blog_healthAfter finally coming to terms with it, I have recognized my lactose intolerance. I was first in denial since I love milk and cheese. I could go on eating all the cheese and drinking all the milk I wanted. That all had to end, though. This summer I had to let go of milk. I had to call it and tell it that it was over, that it wasn’t him, but that it was me. I learned from Wikipedia that 55 percent of Mexican-American males are lactose intolerant. I also learned lactose intolerance is part of adulthood, your body just stops breaking down lactose. Not until the 1950s did scientists actually start studying the causes.

I had to suddenly learn how to live without milk, which surprisingly wasn’t very hard. My parents drink Lactaid, a type of milk that does not contain lactose. It ‘s technically milk, it tastes like milk, it sounds like milk. It’s also grabbed my curiosity for other types of milk. I’ve heard almond milk and chocolate soy milk are delicious. Turns out it isn’t that hard to be lactose intolerant when a majority of people in the world are too.

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