Will you go to D-League Warriors games in Santa Cruz?

lt julianYeah, I would. I’m a basketball fan, and we need more things like that, where people can go and have some fun. If they build it and actually use it for what they say they’re going to use it for, yes, I would do that.
Julian Schweingruber
Santa Cruz | Unemployed

lt solomonYes, I definitely will. Because I’ve been a fan of them for a long time, and I’m a Raiders fan as well, and it’s about time the Bay Area starts to step up. 
Solomon Mitchell
Santa Cruz | Chiropractor/Martial Arts Instructor



lt justin
No, not likely. As a rule I don’t really go to many sporting events, so it’s not really a big interest to me. And I wonder what other people in Santa Cruz feel about it. 
Justin Walker
Aptos | Retail


 lt john

Yes I will. I would like to see a professional sports team come to Santa Cruz, that would be cool and unique.
John White
Live Oak | Carpenter


lt jimmy
No, I wouldn’t because I don’t like basketball. But I don’t have any opposition to it.
Jimmy Rieffel
Santa Cruz | Pool Cleaner

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