Winners Announced: Free Giveaways—Win It and Wear It


Winners of the Fashion Issue’s free giveaways are below.

Winners, please contact cmartin@gtweekly.com to pick up your prize.


Sewing Class at Judy’s Sewing Center: P. Mudd

TomGirlWest Necklace No. 1: Torunn Sweers

TomGirlWest Necklace No. 2: Nancy Ryker-Judd

Idle Hands T-shirt: Vicki M

Nuala Leather Charm: Hanna Crivello

Blackbird Lariat Necklace: Vanessa Noelle

Blackbird Leather Cuff: Monica M. Churchill

Blackbird Fabric Cuff: Laurel

Blackbird Headband No. 1: Camille Smith Ballon

Blackbird Headband No. 2: Bara D

Purse from K.Murray: Jill Barry

Stripe Necklace: Michelle

Men’s Shirt from Stripe: Janny

60-minute Facial, L’Atelier: Kimberly House

Bracelet, Cameron Marks: Mary Rowe




If you enjoyed reading the fall fashion issue, then things will only get better for you. For the second year, GT offers a slew of free giveaways, items featured in this fashion issue, all for free.

WHAT TO DO: Leave a comment here telling us about something you liked in the fashion issue, and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win one of the following prizes (below). The contest begins Aug. 3 and ends Aug. 12. Winners announced Aug. 15 in the same blog.




WHAT YOU WIN: A sewing class at Judy’s Sewing Center * Two necklaces by TomGirlWest * A T-shirt from Idle Hands * A leather charm by Nuala * Five items by Blackbird * A purse from K.Murray * A necklace from Stripe * A men’s shirt from Stripe * A 60-minute facial from L’Atelier * A hand-beaded necklace from Cameron Marks *










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