Would you support tougher gun regulations?

lt keithI would support tougher gun regulation as far as military style weapons that you can’t use for hunting. They’re basically used to kill. Hand guns and shotguns and other types of weapons like that, I believe there needs to be regulation on them, but I think the military style weapons should be taken out of the public’s hands.
Keith Drennen
Santa Cruz | Parking Maintenance Worker


lt robbie
I actually live in Mendocino County in an area where there’s a lot of hunting, I don’t see any need for assault rifles or large clips, they dont do anything besides destroy people’s lives.
Robbie Wyre Covello 
Mendocino County | Retired Truck Driver

lt willNo. Being in the army I believe everybody has a right to bear arms, not just the police and criminals. People have a right to protect themselves. There should maybe be background checks for mental health, but I think most people know what they’re doing, they know how to act safely around them, and, hopefully, they know how to teach their kids how to act around guns and not to pull triggers. It’s definitely a safety issue and something everyone has to work on, but I don’t think gun control is the answer.
Will Zilliacus
Santa Cruz | Tiki Carver

lt keith

Yes, I would support much stricter gun regulations. And I would be in favor of banning all guns.
Kaja Glahn
Santa Cruz/London | University Lecturer

lt ericNo. Pry them out of my cold dead fingers.
Eric Anderson
Santa Cruz | Currently Unemployed

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