Would you support turning West Cliff Drive into a one-way street?

lt_dawnNo. West Cliff going one way would not
be a good idea. People should be able to
go both ways. Maybe Mission Street.

Dawn Featherstone

Santa Cruz | Photographer



I dont know what the rationale is behind it. If it’s

to make a wider path for bikers and runners,

which I’m assuming, I would say yes it’s a good idea.

Erin White

Santa Cruz | Teacher


No, because it makes things more difficult to find your way around and you can go either way and look at everything. It just makes it a lot easier being both ways.

Jenna Pase

Santa Cruz | Student



I would, and I’d like to see more room for the cyclists since the pedestrians have taken over

the bike lane—everybody wants to walk on West Cliff.

If they would follow the rules it would be okay, but so few do.

Lester Markarian

Santa Cruz | Blacksmith


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