Local Talk for the Week of May 30, 2018

Kathy Haliburton's Headshot

Pippi Longstocking, because she’s very fun-loving, she has long pigtails and she’s very cute.


Kathy Haliburton
Wellness Specialist
Stephanie LaBaw's Headshot

I would want to be Anne of Green Gables, because she is a ferocious personality with a huge imagination.


Stephanie LaBaw
Santa Cruz
Asha's Headshot

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones. She grew up learning to be a badass, and we got to watch the whole process. She’s a rock star.


Santa Cruz
UCSC Admissions
Allison Cruz's Headshot

Trevor Noah. He has a witty way of talking about a dark past in his book Born a Crime, and I learned more about apartheid while laughing.


Allison Cruz
Santa Cruz
Jason Cruz's Headshot

Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, because I used to draw them as a child and I thought he was a dark devious person, but he was still a kid, so that’s how I feel I am inside.


Jason Cruz
Santa Cruz
Brand Manager
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