How would you describe the Santa Cruz community?

Local Talk for the week of September 7, 2016

Luigi Puntanelli's Headshot

Mostly positive, mostly enthusiastic, could be more diverse.

Luigi Puntanelli
Santa Cruz
Bike Mechanic
Alma Martinez's Headshot

Very uplifting variety of people. I think a lot of people are really close in this community.

Alma Martinez
Santa Cruz
Alex Schwartzer's Headshot

The people here are unique, eccentric and friendly.

Alex Schwartzer
Santa Cruz
Chris Ballas's Headshot

Laid back and liberal.

Chris Ballas
Santa Cruz
Screen Printer
Zachary Creager's Headshot

A bunch of food-loving, dog-loving, redwood-loving beer drinkers.

Zachary Creager
Santa Cruz
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