Should Edward Snowden be pardoned, or should the government throw the book at him?

Local Talk for the week of September 21, 2016

Maya Gupta's Headshot

Pardoned. What he did is not actually bad for America.

Maya Gupta
Santa Cruz
Library Assistant
G Wong's Headshot

Pardon him. He is someone who is tearing down the wall that has been created between the people and the government.

G Wong
Santa Cruz
Ben Hartley's Headshot

I agree with what he did. We need more bold characters speaking out about the wrongs of society.

Ben Hartley
Santa Cruz
Sam Fulton's Headshot

[They’ll] do neither. He’ll be working for the government.

Sam Fulton
Santa Cruz
Martin Devecka's Headshot

Pardoned, and he should get a free book thrown at him. But only if he wants it.

Martin Devecka
Santa Cruz
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