What is the greatest birthday gift you’ve ever given or received?

Joe Sieder's Headshot

On my 40th birthday, I was volunteering on the Thai/Burmese border at a refugee camp. I woke up with the sun rising, and I realized how incredibly lucky I was to be born the way and the place that I was.

Joe Sieder
Mexico City
Horatio Alger's Headshot

When my girlfriend orchestrated a surprise party with 15 of my friends behind my back.

Horatio Alger
Matt Andrada's Headshot

Me and several friends kidnapped a friend and took him to the Giants/A’s game. We threw a bag over his head and grabbed him. 

Matt Andrada
Santa Cruz
Linda Butler's Headshot

My daughter got tickets for all of us, her friends and my friends, to go to see Moe live in concert.

Linda Butler
Santa Cruz
Building Designer
Nicholas Thayer's Headshot

For my 50th birthday, I bought myself a set of Cornishware teapot and mugs that reminded me of a set we had as kids.

Nicholas Thayer
Landscape Designer
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