Who should Hillary choose as a running mate if she gets the nomination?

Local Talk for the week of June 8, 2016

Josh Pearlman's Headshot

Elizabeth Warren, because she’ll put Hillary and her money-hungry bankers in check.

Josh Pearlman
Santa Cruz
Commercial Diver
Roxanne Burdick's Headshot

Joe Biden, obviously. Because he’s amazing and he’s been through a lot and he’s served our country.

Roxanne Burdick
Santa Cruz
Salon Owner
Nhut Nguyen's Headshot

Bernie Sanders should have Hillary’s back. They should all get together and make the Democratic party better.

Nhut Nguyen
Santa Cruz
Solar Installation
Troy Taylor's Headshot

Sarah Palin, because she’s hot.

Troy Taylor
Santa Cruz
Austin Carlson's Headshot

Trey Anastasio, for he will bring music, and music will heal everything.

Austin Carlson
Santa Cruz
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