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Lammas—Feast of First Fruits: Risa’s Stars Aug. 1-7

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of Aug. 1, 2018

Lammas (Old English for “lamb,” and later “loaf,” as in bread) celebrates the first grain harvests. Observed Aug. 1 in the northern hemisphere, we can extend the festival all week. Lammas is a festival of gratitude. After summer rains, wheat was harvested and ground into flour. Loaves of bread, including communion bread, were made and taken to the churches for blessing. Lammas was a community celebration. Shakespeare refers to Lammas Eve as the 14th birthday of Juliet from Romeo and Juliet.

This first harvest prepares humanity for the coming autumn and winter, cooler days, crisp apples, roasting of the southwest chile and the last of summer’s tomatoes and corn.

Lammas reminded humanity of the cycle of life and death (light and dark). During August, people knew that soon Persephone would be taken to the underworld by Pluto and Demeter. Her mother, grief-stricken, would make the leaves fall and the darkness come. But before autumn, there was to be festivity, celebrations, gathering the first fruits and baking the first loaves of bread.

And so we, too, give pause in these hot August days, recognizing what is abundant in our lives. In celebration, let us decorate doorways and tables with vines and leaves, make corn dollies, eat summer fruits, celebrate skills, talents and craftsmanship of friends and family, and bake bread together from the first harvest of grains (non-GMO and organic).  

ARIES: You’re like the star of the month in all that you do. Your powerful leadership qualities are called to do tasks no one else can perform. This helps you gain confidence and a new creative identity coming forth. You discover that not only do you initiate new projects, but you’re very competent and skillful. Maintain balance by being dignified, understanding and kind in all situations. You are an influencer.

TAURUS: You shine for those who love you. Your reflection is always in their hearts. They experience your nurturing playful qualities. You are not concerned with public identity or social standing. You are able to lead people in ethical judgments, taking responsibility, and doing their duty. Many do not understand responsibilities, ethics or duties until they meet you.

GEMINI: You must always speak from your center of truth. It allows people to know you as authentic. You must seek to discover your creative voice and words. Have courage and self-confidence to speak always from the heart, never from the lower mind. It is important to know the difference—one unites and the other separates. You want to attain self-realization, and unite with others. You must know your heart and follow it. No stepping back.

CANCER: You always bring something good, nourishing, unusual and new to the table. You shine when people love you. But you often hide under a shell because you’re shy. At times, people don’t hear or understand you. Maintain poise and confidence and your authority over resources and finances. Don’t give this away. When you give without expectation, there is a return a hundredfold.

LEO: Happy birthday to Leos, the heart of the zodiac, the sunflowers of the zodiac. When you use your personal power to help others you shine golden like the Sun. During this birthday month, allow yourself to be dramatic, at one with whatever you love: flamboyant, expressive, creative, radiant, benevolent. But not a dictator; that will tarnish your image and make people back away. Be good to everyone. Show them the kindness of benevolent royalty.

VIRGO: Your new fluency is creativity in all its forms. It’s a Leo, Pisces, Virgo creativity. Much is yet unknown to you about this creativity. However, should you begin a creative project, the steps and outcome will flow from your heart, mind and hands with ease. It is good to consider yourself an artist, recognizing your gifts with pride and humility. You might want to become lost in solitude to discover this process.

LIBRA: You’re always a star of the party. Your smile lights up everyone’s state of mind, and, like the light of Sirius, goes directly to their hearts. You have many who admire your straightforwardness, generosity and ability to share. As you shine your benevolent light on everyone, it allows others to be in the spotlight, too. This makes them feel special. You realize the fact that leaders lead and follow simultaneously.

SCORPIO: At times, we must do what makes us uncomfortable. Moving away from caution and gambling a little on being on the edge and knowing it will be safe. You need a big influx of style in your life—whatever style means to you, adopt it and act within it. You will find you’ve stepped out of yourself into a place that has a bit more zest, color, seasoning, zing, excitement, passion and exhilaration. You need a little thrill, some anticipation and pleasure. Your destiny is not to be boring.

SAGITTARIUS: What are your ideals? Write them down, review them, cross out and add to them. Ideals are the outcome of vision, so it’s also important to understand what visions you have and maintain those visions even in adversity. You have a central purpose, and that is to express the truth of what you believe. You are also to have concern for others and not be someone with limited self-concerns only. It’s the heart of all things, which is your heart, that matters.

CAPRICORN: Sometimes you are a mystery to others. Mysteries are good. Yours has a special tone, color and vibration. It can hold your creativity and passion. Allow your intuition to guide you. You always have dignity, even when situations are at their most difficult. Life is complex these days. Tune into all that’s unspoken around you to understand the heart of everything speaking with you. It happens mostly in the garden. The devas there want to communicate with you. Tell them your name. They will eventually talk back.

AQUARIUS: During the days to come, somehow you become mysterious, hiding behind an unspoken reality holding onto your personal power. Something’s very instinctual about you, deep like dark, streaming waters. You sense those you can and cannot trust, those who use you for gain, and those who are loyal friends. You’re aware of setting aside childish behaviors. You become playful and laugh a lot. You’re in a time of deep profound change. Remain there.

PISCES: Always Pisces must remember to maintain a distinct sense of self-identity and strength in relationships. This can be a difficult task and a test for Pisces, ruled by Neptune, which helps Pisces blend into other realities—people, places and events—until they are lost and without identity. Pisceans, like Libra, are always seeking balance. Pisces seems drifty a lot, but behind that façade is a very logical and mathematical mind.

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