How do you picture a Trump presidency?

Local talk for the week of May 18, 2016

Otto Scratchensnif's Headshot

Bringing greatness back to America.

Otto Scratchensnif
Boulder Creek
Dr. Diann Mizell's Headshot

A disaster for humanity.

Dr. Diann Mizell
Boulder Creek
Retired Speech and Hearing Scientist
Paula Marcus's Headshot

Disastrous. Scary.

Paula Marcus
Lynda Grandinetti's Headshot

A nightmare. Just the worst.

Lynda Grandinetti
Santa Cruz
Craig Owens's Headshot

A whole screen of turd emojis.

Craig Owens
Santa Cruz
Professional Musician
Contributor at Good Times |

Matthew is a California native and has lived in Santa Cruz for 34 years. A sculptor, photographer, avid biker and professional disc golfer, he has played tournaments in more than ten states and is the winner of the 2002 New Zealand Championships. 

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