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Would you rather talk about politics or bacon?

Local Talk for the week of September 14, 2016

Anthea Shore's Headshot

Definitely bacon. I just love how it tastes. It tastes good with everything.

Anthea Shore
Santa Cruz
Substitute Teacher
Mark Tingwald's Headshot

I’d rather talk about politics, because there is not much to say about bacon.

Mark Tingwald
Santa Cruz
Motor Technician
Phillip Yee's Headshot

Bacon. Thick cut, smoked applewood.

Phillip Yee
Santa Cruz
Software Engineer
Albert Esser's Headshot

Definitely bacon. It tastes better.

Albert Esser
Santa Cruz
Jasbir Nigor's Headshot

I’d rather talk about politics while eating bacon.

Jasbir Nigor
Scotts Valley
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