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Festival of Atonement: Risa’s Star’s Sept. 19-25

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of Sept. 19, 2018

We are in the Jewish High Holy Days of the New Year (Rosh Hashanah). Following Rosh Hashanah, we have had 10 days of reflection, ending in the Day of Forgiveness (Yom Kippur).

In the book Dune, author Frank Herbert writes, “Beginnings are fragile things. A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.” It is good therefore to begin a new year with forgiveness—offering and receiving forgiveness. These Days of Awe, Reflection and Forgiveness occur this year in Virgo, sign of purification, preparing us for the balance and harmony of Libra.

And so, among ourselves, to and for each other, we offer forgiveness. When we do so, we are “likened to the angels.” And, as we forgive, we too are forgiven (by G-d). “For on this day He will forgive us, purify us, that we be cleansed from all imbalances (ignorance, inabilities, unknowings, hurting others, judgments, criticisms, non-virtuous ways of being that create separations, etc.) before G-d.”

Candles are lit. We read the Book of Jonah & Psalm 27. Praying to G-d. Knowing   G-d is Goodness always. In our introspections, we come closest to G-d (essence of our Soul). “G-d, benevolent G-d, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in kindness and truth; He preserves kindness for two thousand generations, forgiving iniquity, transgression and sin, and He cleanses.” This is the prayer of the Angels. We have “captured” it. So we can be angels too.

We ask forgiveness. We offer forgiveness to those who have hurt us. Being forgiven, we, in turn, forgive. “Forgive me,” we beseech G-d and all those we have hurt. “You are forgiven,” we say to each other. And then we see G-d has written and sealed our names in the Book of Life. And all 12 petals of the heart unfold in Joy.

ARIES: The season’s about to change and so must our health regimes, diets, ways we exercise and plan our day. Through this Virgo time, it’s good to begin thinking along new lines, preparing for the coming changes in the sunlight, shadows, color, air and clouds. These changes are reflected within ourselves, too. Relationships need extra tending so others around us don’t feel cold, separated, alone and left out. We embrace them.

TAURUS: You want to be out and about, learning new things, attending lectures, classes, gathering information. Always your life and its task are to illuminate the minds of humanity. And so, you are serious and disciplined. It would be good to consider what is playful for you, brings enjoyment, fun; what calls forth your humor and spontaneity? Perhaps you need to swim more, in clear pure warm waters.

GEMINI: Family, whether biological, friend, group, colleagues, etc. matters more and more these days. Something new has occurred in your life and you are to bring forth the next stage in a relationship. Harmony is your focus with a touch of compromise (not much). Listening to others until you understand the essential message is a parallel goal. All of this brings love forth—your task. Love heals.

CANCER: Make contact. These two words have a depth most don’t understand. Making contact releases Love. But it must be true, real and intentional contact. It must be from the heart, connecting heart to heart, Soul-to-Soul. The results are that the Love released creates liberation for everyone. You are the one to begin this process. Do this ceaselessly, quietly, with heartfelt intention with all of the kingdoms. Begin in the garden.

LEO: It’s time to create a new plan concerning finances and resources. When you do so, a new state of values also comes forth. You may want to communicate more deeply with people close to you, sharing your values with them, asking what values they hold, assessing what values are held in common. What are your desires and aspirations for the future, based on these values? Your sense of identity and values have changed this past year.

VIRGO: You will want to come out of the shadows and into a greater light. Standing in shadows, perhaps in the shadow of another can be comforting. However, there comes a time when we each must define ourselves, recognize our own self-identity, understand what we initiate, realize that we’re capable, summon our confidence, and seek a new support system. Am I speaking to Virgo or Pisces? Both. They are the shadow of each other.

LIBRA: This morning I saw a drawing of a sheaf of wheat. A Virgo symbol of nourishment for humanity. I thought of Libra and what nourishes them. Relationships, beauty, friends, equilibrium, balance, love, parties, art. In the beauty and balance of the wheat sheaf I thought Librans must return to their art in whatever form calls to them. Some Librans design clothing, some paint, some have galleries, some are collectors. What art form of beauty and balance calls to you?

SCORPIO: Do you sense restlessness, a discontent? That there’s a group that belongs to you, yet somehow you can’t find it or they you? Not yet. As you both search for the other, assess your present and future goals (again). They’ve changed recently or are in the process. So many of us are on the fence, uncertain about the future. We must summon patience. Speak with those close to you. Ask for their visions and goals. Listen deeply. There’s a message there.

SAGITTARIUS: During these months the perfect execution of your creative work is a priority. It always is but a new dimension has been added. Multiple concepts flow through your mind; you’re being impressed with ideas that become ideals and later, goals. There’s an inner enthusiasm. You’re gestating a new reality. Do you sense the need to begin something? Share your ideas with others who love to listen to you. Diplomacy is paramount.

CAPRICORN: What will you do when autumn begins? It’s only days away. It seems something’s calling you, someone, somewhere. Maybe it’s a garden deva. Perhaps it’s a course of study, something you want (or need) to learn. Is there somewhere you want to visit, travel to, discover? Maybe it’s freedom. Is there something you need to say to someone far away? Or visit? Something lovely your ways comes (soon).

AQUARIUS: Take extra care with money and resources. Use this time to discriminate between what is needed and what is not. Give away what is no longer useful and then give more away. Giving provides us with meaning, a true sense of service. Giving liberates and allows everyone involved to move forward in their lives. Give to yourself then give of yourself to others. With love.

PISCES: We are to do our best wherever we find ourselves. Many of us are uncertain these days, on the fence (uncomfortable), unable to know where we’re going, what to do when we don’t know what to do, and how to provide our gifts when opportunities don’t seem to exist. Again, we (especially Pisces) are to do our best wherever we find ourselves. We’ve been placed there for a reason.  Relationships need a bit of compromise. A bit of surrender. You understand.

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