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The Rider on the White Horse: Risa’s Star’s Dec. 12-18

Esoteric Astrology as news for the week of Dec. 12 , 2018

We are in our last days of 2018, with less than a month ’til Christmas and the New Year.

Until then, we have December dedications centered around Light—Advent and the recently ended Hanukkah—and the rider on the white horse. And Mercury now direct, as it just re-entered Sagittarius.

December is dedicated to Advent, the Latin word “adventus” meaning “something’s coming” (winter solstice, Sun turning northward, new light, holy child’s birth, revelation). For four weeks, we light candles representing hope in the dark half of the year. All of December’s religious festivals are festivals of preparation, (re)dedication and the kindling of our light (hope, promise) within the darkness of matter.

We are in the time of Sagittarius, symbolized by the archer on the white horse. Sometimes pictured as the centaur with bow and arrows, it symbolizes the duality of human and divine purpose.

As humans, we carry a multitude of realities, polarities, glamours and illusions, which fall away slowly as we progress upon the Path of Light. Sagittarius is the sign of Silence. In that silence, we are asked to discern and then just be with all that is good and truthful. Sagittarius is seen in symbols form in Revelation 6.2—there is a going forth, a reconnecting with all duality and focusing it into the pure light.

The Revelation 6:2 sees the same mighty Conqueror going forth, who had reconnected all of the duality into a focused spiritual existence: “I looked up and saw a white horse standing there. Its rider carried a bow, and a crown was placed on his head. He rode out to win many battles and gain victory.” This is the foretelling of Sagittarius.

ARIES: You’re out and about, in and of the world—its people, events, food, travel, adventures, mountain peaks, plains and cultures call you to participate. Perhaps you’ll consider writing a book, or travel. Think deeply on your goals. Create more. Ponder this statement: “I see the goal, I reach that goal and then I see another.”

TAURUS: I ask that you also think on the statement at the end of Aries. And then observe the many varied goals, dreams, hopes and wishes that filter through your mind each day. There’s not enough time, day or night, to accomplish all of the inside and outside work, preparation and plans before you. There’s also the issue of money, which may be uncomfortable, yet is most important to consider. You have many resources yet untapped.

GEMINI: What are your holiday plans? Will you prepare with your significant others, or with one in particular? I suggest you plan with the one closest to you. The last new moon’s silver path shines on your relationships, especially one in particular. A new intimacy is being called for. Is it with love, sex, marriage, money, or all of this together? You and another need to travel somewhere. Make plans.

CANCER: Your health at this time is most important. Focusing on this—and not much else—is best, because you have the capacity to heal more quickly now. Appropriate and healthful foods also must be a focus. You’re considering preparing foods to give as gifts? Simultaneously, endless tasks and responsibilities keep appearing. Decline most of them. You need rest, good natural light, a plant and a few good books to read.

LEO: You need a bit more adventure, fun, play and being tended to in a most creative way. You need to accept invitations, go to parties and festivities, be with friends, attend plays, art shows, galleries, dances, and visit other people’s homes. You need both a Christmas tree and a Hanukkah bush with lights and candles everywhere. You need to be loved, cared for, recognized and then loved some more. Who can do this best?

VIRGO: You’re the light bearer to your family this year. You’re the one who must connect them, creating festivities of domestic comfort and care. You must begin to plan a large gathering so those who have no family can feel at home (where you are). You must merge realities that are separated, unify what is opposed, and synthesize all of the parts and pieces. You love being given these tasks.

LIBRA: Being out and about in neighborhoods, dropping in on neighbors, driving around town to view holiday lights, charitable parties with friends, unboxing holiday decorations, finding more to trim the tree (Hanukkah bush), seeing relatives, phoning, sending emails, holiday cards, having dinners—you love and cherish these festivities, looking forward to the beauty of the season all year. We wish we could join you.

SCORPIO: For the next several weeks, it seems a light is shining upon you. You’ll feel lucky, capable, resourceful, wealthy, emotionally supported. Don’t run out and buy everything you fancy, unless it’s for loved ones. Then be lavish. However, most appreciated would be your heart offered to another. Even simply to a friend. We think of you as internal, hidden, watchful. Give a little more for a while.

SAGITTARIUS: All parts of you are active, energetic, hopeful (we hope). You also become a bit more impulsive, quick to anger, impatient, wanting your own way for a time. We see you as being more assertive, daring like a warrior. You become very attractive. However, be careful with communicating, driving, walking, running, using tools, implements. Things red, hot and sharp (all of which, to some, you are) might attack. You’re laughing. That’s good. Caution.

CAPRICORN: You may be in need of rest. Soon you’ll need to be out and about in the public more, so take this time to draw back, do less work. You can still plan agendas and consider creative goals. However, don’t act upon them immediately. Instead, make health, rest and well-being your central focus. Allow these thoughts to direct your actions for at least a month. Blend grass-fed whey in raw or nut milk for protein and strength. Add a bit of chocolate, something green (parsley, kale, etc.), a banana and a date or two.

AQUARIUS: Everything personal and professional has the green light. You have energy and enthusiasm, hopes and wishes along with opportunities and invitations. Amidst the many possibilities, attend only one or two at a time, bringing them to successful conclusions. Then focus on several more. Pay all bills promptly, don’t worry about money. You’re beginning to thrive differently, in so many alternate ways.

PISCES: You become more public with leadership qualities naturally emerging. A forum or group recognizes, invites and accepts your gifts of communication, intelligence and knowledge. You prepare. However, you are aware that at any time in the life of Pisces, things dissolve away. So you are hopeful, patient, accepting, yet you’re also wary, cautious, circumspect, careful and coiled like a snake in preparation, which is good enough for now.

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