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Jupiter Retrogrades in Libra—Are We Balanced, Are We Gracious?

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of Feb. 1, 2017    

Here we are already in February, the month of Aquarius and Pisces, of Groundhog Day (Candlemas Day, Imbolc, cross quarter day between winter and spring), Valentine’s, Chinese new year, the Lantern Festival at the full moon, birthdays of presidents Lincoln and Washington, and for this year, the month of two eclipses (lunar Feb. 10, solar Feb. 26). February also informs us that spring (March 20) is one month away.

Thursday is Groundhog day and Candlemas (between winter solstice and spring equinox). In the Catholic churches candles are brought to Mass and blessed. Friday is the second quarter moon, waxing, setting around midnight.

Sunday night, Jupiter, planet of love/wisdom, expansion, beneficence, becomes stationary retrograde. Jupiter is retrograde for four months and direct nine months each year. Jupiter retrogrades at 23 Libra, back to 13 Libra. Where are these degrees (23-13 Libra) in everyone’s charts? Everyone needs their own astrology chart. Without it, we “see life only through a glass darkly.”

When planets are retrograde we enter a state of needed assessment and review. The sign and house the retrogrades move through determines what area of life is affected. Jupiter in Libra—we assess relationships, partnerships and all interactions with others. We review issues of equality, compromise, values and diplomacy. Are we fair and balanced? Do we bring forth harmony and have Right Relations? Who do we value. How do we connect? Libra asks “Are we balanced, are we gracious?”

Jupiter’s last transits of Libra were September 2004 to October 2005, October 1992 to November 1993, and October 1980 to November 1981. Whatever occurred in our lives 2004-5 comes to fruition now. Whatever occurred in the previous years reappears for reassessment and review.

ARIES: Relationships, partnerships, marriage, commitments, negotiations and contracts may all shift and change. You will assess if there is anything needed to expand the good in each of these so that everything becomes more successful and productive. Are new studies needed? Perhaps you will become a teacher or counselor. Work through all conflicts in order to attain more harmony and freedom.

TAURUS: Work will expand, details will be important, and a deeper sense of service will enter your life. For those seeking new employment, use this time to write down what work environment is most beneficial. Rest and relaxation are needed each day at the same time. Integrity and honesty are values you’re teaching others. Tend to the animals who come your way.

GEMINI: Questions posed in your mind during this deep internal time will be about creativity and romance, having fun and children, pleasure, humor, love and warmth. You will find yourself retreating from many things in your life. Careful with investments and speculations. These are too risky at this time. Don’t follow what the many around you believe. There is another reality for you to comprehend. Write a book, journal, paint, draw. With wide open eyes.

CANCER: Great joy and benefits come forth through family, domestic comfort, the garden and property. There will be a need for security and safety, and thoughts on additions to the home—adding a room, adding to the family, enlarging the garden. Real estate may be on your mind. Some will buy or sell a home. redesign, redecorate and improve living spaces. Family traditions will be important and reinstated.

LEO: You will begin to understand deep complicated situations and problems. You will teach others what you know. You may write a book, or take a class that helps you understand how to communicate with more ease. Travel, local and close by, will be considered. Great intellectual benefits arise at this time. You expand and magnify all that you touch and think about.

VIRGO: It’s time to consider money and resources, taxes, inheritances, burial rites, insurance and all things of value to you. This is a productive yet practical time. Certain talents will develop and increase your sense of self as useful and valuable. Any past monetary problems seem to disappear. Begin a new budget and manage all resources in new ways. Invest in gold and silver.

LIBRA: An entirely new cycle begins for you, a new destiny, actually. Greet each day with happiness. Be sure to arise at dawn and step outside. Allow the rays of the morning Sun to penetrate into your eyes. This sets up within your body the new vibrant life cycle for the day. It heightens your perspective, your optimism and your ability to bring joy to the world. This heals the world.

SCORPIO: Things seem to be occurring internally, behind veils and curtains, for the purpose of spiritual protection, as events can feel out of control, unusual and rather strange. You will be in touch with what you’re not often in touch with—fears, perhaps sadness and guilt. All of these need clearing. For they aren’t real. They’re learned behaviors. Helping others helps the deep dark secrets disappear. Helping others brings forth joy. You need joy. Dream more.

SAGITTARIUS: You will be filled with ideas for the future, new seeds of thought that eventually manifest. Allow these to slowly mature so you’re not overwhelmed with too many visions. Walk slowly down the road, ponder upon innovative projects that inspire. This year some brave and cherished hopes will come true. Along with new direction, new byways and highways. Be a friend to someone.

CAPRICORN: There’s an interesting inward (Saturn) and outward (Jupiter) movement occurring in your life. Saturn pulls one back with deep discipline. Jupiter expands one outward, brings new social standing, prestige. You respond with great intelligence, authority and responsibility. Saturn prepares you internally to be successful in the world and Jupiter expands on this. You have a new goal in life. What is it?

AQUARIUS: You have an intellectual curiosity contemplating new ideas concerning politics and the justice system. You’re interested in learning, finally recognizing your intelligence. It would be wise to consider writing a book or entering publishing or broadcasting fields where you have an audience that appreciates your words, listens to your music, understands your thinking. Remember to remain open and tolerant, kind and fluid, adaptable with a wide perspective.

PISCES: Notice spiritual and physical contentment spreading throughout your life. Less struggles to contend with, less vulnerable. A deeper understanding occurs as the past reappears. At times a bardo-like feeling is experienced. A stream of memories, from times and events past. Allow this to occur. It’s a washing away of what is no longer needed. Create new financial plans. Invest in life insurance and in gold and silver.  

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