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Taurus, Desire, World Servers, Vulcan and the Dual Signs: Risa’s Stars May 2-8

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of May 2, 2018

Taurus follows Aries. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. From the Fire of Aries, Taurus settles the Aries fire with its deep and penetrating earth. Taurus is reliable and loving, faithful and generous, consistent and balanced, gentle and modest. Taurus takes the initiative impulses of Aries, presents us with new concepts, and anchors the ideas into matter. Taurus adds desire and aspiration to the impulses of Aries. Taurus is the Buddha, aware of the sufferings in the world, offering to help humanity via the Eight Noble Truths.

Desire is the quality of Taurus. It is not desire that destroys humanity, but the expectations of desire. Desire is very focused within our planet Earth. The Bull of Desire is a symbol of power, vitality, energy and potency. Desire to create was the energy behind the Lords who created planet Earth and the humanity living upon it. Desire is part of the powers of Creation.

The horns of the bull in Taurus signify desire for life itself, for experiences, for comfort and satisfaction. When these are achieved, then the desire is for knowledge; desire lifted up to Aspiration—aspiring for an intelligent, illuminated mind. The New Group of World Servers is governed, directed and protected by the sign of Taurus.

Vulcan (Soul ruler of Taurus), the mysterious planet (hidden between Sun and Mercury in astrology charts), comes forth in Taurus. Vulcan is Hephaestus, husband of Venus. Vulcan forges the Path ahead, and in the fires of experience, fashions the lead of the personality into the chalice of the Soul. This “chalice” holds the Wesak blessings.

ARIES: Your shadow is Libra, the art and creation of Right Human Relations. Aries develops individuality (not quite understanding cooperation). Libra cooperatively develops the self with others. Integration for Aries occurs in relationship and partnership. Observe your behavior with others. Are you always the leader, the initiator, or do you assist others in discovering their initiating leadership qualities? “All that begins in Aries resolves itself in Libra.”

TAURUS: Your shadow is the deep waters of Scorpio, sign of the Disciple. You test the trustworthiness of others. As you seek the Art of Living, Scorpio seeks the Art of diving deep into darkness (dying, regenerating), inviting everyone to join them. While you seek safety and comfort, Scorpio is living life behind closed doors, too hidden to go out. Taurus loves Scorpio but often, unable to see in the dark, doesn’t know it yet.

GEMINI: You seek Sagittarius to take you on an adventure far away (from your neighborhood). You sometimes wish you could play music, prepare food and travel like Sag—rather than gather information that overwhelms, sometimes infuriates, and causes confusion if love isn’t around. You long for Sag’s “focus.” They never fall off the mountain. You’re secretly and emotionally falling down everywhere into meadows of flowers, blinded, yet often happy, about where you’re going.

CANCER:  We’re always unconsciously attracted to our opposite signs. You wish you could bring forth all that’s practical. The opposite of practical, your environments are piled high with boxes, baskets, trinkets everywhere, the stove filled with soups and stews. You seek the Capricorn clearing-out method of “throw everything out, turn off the heat, tear up the rug, and give everything away,” way of life. It’s not nurturing. It’s not you! But a tiny part is!

LEO: We gaze at our opposites. They seem to have all the attributes we seem to lack. You, the heart-felt, need to be recognized, praised, and applauded for anything you create. You gaze across the room to the Aquarian—the foot loose, fancy-free, friendly acquaintance to everyone (acquaintance to everyone, friend to none)—floating happily here and there, giving things away, putting up art shows, taking them down as if heedless to time. Where is their love? you ask.

VIRGO: Whereas you are detailed to the minute, Pisces swoons with any detail. It wounds them. Whereas you can bring order and organization to everything, Pisces doesn’t even know most things exist to be organized. As you are able to serve the self, Pisces knows it must serve and save the world, first. Pisces has no self. Sometimes you wish you were a Pisces. All this detail work makes the eyes dim and tired. Next life.

LIBRA: While you focus your entire life energies on relationships—how to have them, keep them, maintain and tend to them—your Aries side scoffs, thinking your relationship needs are dependencies and humiliating. But you know you cannot exist without them. Libra needs the “other” in order to understand how to be in relationships. Life for Libra means two, not one (like Aries). Poor lonely Aries, Libra thinks. But then senses a lack of freedom. Interesting paradox.

SCORPIO: You never fall into the illusion of others providing for you. You provide everything, at all times, for yourself, by yourself. You are the “triumphant warrior.” However, sometimes you peek out from your closed black curtains to see how Taurus, over there practicing the Art of Comfortable Living, is doing and sometimes you wish you were a Taurus, too. It’s hard being in self-denial most of the time in order to protect yourself. Or drowning in dark waters. Perhaps you need a couch.

SAGITTARIUS: Always on the road, even in your mind, seeking the next place, goal, project, plan, person … anything keeping you moving, arrow-like, focused on what’s ahead. You wish you were Gemini sometimes, provincial, afraid to wander away from the neighborhood, content to sip on local flowers, never venturing up Sir Hillary’s Mount Everest, which signified a spiritual ascent for humanity. You’re always where the greatest need for you is. You’re needed, you ask?

CAPRICORN: You are, yes, practical and methodical, can turn chaos into order, can supervise and shape up a crowd of hungry party-goers with a baleful glance, but really what you need is some chicken soup and matzo balls from Cantors (or Zabar’s) made by Cancer hands with a bit of warm heart thrown in. While you’re known for resourcefulness and sturdy boots that climb ladders to the top of mountains, you also need the kindness Cancer’s emotional support offers. Mother, where are you?

AQUARIUS: You don’t think you need anything but the future. But really you need a bit of a Leo’s warm heart in order to catch (and keep) a full time partner that becomes a marriage (someday, maybe). While you prize your freedom, you gaze at Leo’s circle of friends always supporting their creativity and wish you could have a bit of Leo’s heated drama in your cold neon-lit life. Seek out a Leo. Tell them you’re in need. Keep making art.

PISCES: While you’re listening to the Mind of God, while you see devas (fairies and light beings in the garden) and understand all things mystical, as you “slouch toward Bethlehem” with the Magi hoping to catch the holy child before His flight to Egypt, you gaze upon Virgo, gestating a new state of awareness with poise, neatness, self-control, composure and dignity. While you are rumpled, disheveled, sweating, lost and wondering where you came from. You call to Virgo. It’s your wound sometimes.


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