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Wesak—Buddha Taurus Full Moon Festival: Risa’s Stars May 15-21

Esoteric Astrology as news for the week of May 15, 2019

Saturday, May 18, is the Wesak (Buddha) Festival, the second spring festival of the year. Since Winter Solstice, disciples around the world have been preparing for this Taurus festival. It is a momentous event. The Buddha makes an appearance as the Forces of Illumination stream into the Earth. Humanity everywhere can sense something unusual is occurring. Humanity’s aspiration for illumination increases during Taurus, and thus humanity is able to respond to the impact of this festival.

Each year during Taurus (during the full moon), the Buddha makes his yearly approach to the Earth, bringing with him a great blessing from the Father, from Shamballa, where the Will of God is known.

On the day of Wesak, in a valley hidden deep within the Himalayas, a magnetic field of prayer is created which attracts the Buddha. There, Disciples (the NGWS), Hierarchy (inner world government), Christ (Pisces and Aquarian World Teacher), all world avatars, teachers, lamas, rishis, pilgrims, and holy ones gather in prayer and meditation.

A crystal bowl along with a diamond rod/staff lies on a rock ledge in the northeast corner of the valley. The mountains are dense with trees. A half hour before the Buddha appears, the Christ and Masters perform a slow sacred dance of geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square, five-pointed star, etc.) while sounding Oms. This creates a sacred vortex through which the Buddha is able to appear and descend.

The Buddha remains within the Earth’s field for eight minutes. Disciples surround the Great Ones and receive the blessing of the Buddha, radiating that blessing to humanity, whose minds are then illumined.

During Buddha’s yearly visits, Earth is lifted up into increased frequencies; energies of great potency are released into the etheric body of the human family.

Disciples at this festival become “light bearers” and “light conductors.” The Buddha’s blessing brings hope to humanity, the hope humanity needs to overcome the present darkness.

This festival supersedes time and space. If we are quiet, perhaps we can hear the words spoken at the festival, welcoming the Buddha: “We are ready Buddha, Come!” In our imaginations, we see ourselves drinking the Wesak waters from the chalice. We see Hierarchy/Christ and Shamballa, the NGWS and humanity align. Everything is enhanced, lifted up to the Light. In preparation for this festival, we place our crystal bowls in the garden to collect the light.

ARIES: It’s good to assess if there are any needs you or work colleagues have that are unspoken, existing in a sort of mysterious process that comes to life only with conflict. This is a good question to ask in all relationships, but especially now due to all the world changes taking place. Are there legal papers or situations you must tend to? Make plans for implementation soon.

TAURUS: It will soon be time to teach others what you know. You’ve been hiding information away until the right time, and now is that time. You cannot do what you’ve been doing alone anymore for any length of time. Offer all that you have to others. You have many resources to offer. You’re entering a most spiritual time. Revelations appear, guiding your every day and night.

GEMINI: Is there difficulty with concentration, communication or making contact? Take this time to reflect upon what you value most in daily life. Should there be expectations placed upon you, explain you’re working slowly now, pondering your future plans. As you’re called to tasks not quite to your liking, remind yourself it’s an exercise in sacrifice (love at the center). Take it slow. Be the harmonizer wherever you find yourself.

CANCER: Are you tending to family these days as the world turns, changes, adjusts, and transforms? Are you sleeping enough? Are you hungry? Soon something will slip into your life creating a sense of happiness. It comes with determination and courage, and a new sense of creativity. You’ll feel inspired. Prepare for a new life to appear. It includes others. You will want to feed them, and then realize the need to be more organized.

LEO: It’s time to travel. However, should you feel you cannot leave home for whatever reason, it’s OK to remain there. The incoming energies are calling you to tend to personal issues that are of value; cleaning and clearing environments; ordering and organizing, with some time spent on research. Reach out to previous friends. Is there a misunderstanding to be explained, some care and tending to be offered?

VIRGO: Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and B complex. There can be a lessening of appetite and a change in digestion. While monetary situations continue to be favorable, you discover more and more ways to balance accounts, more ways to bring in resources. Ponder upon the nine tests Mars provides. Is something financial hidden?

LIBRA: Make sure finances are in order, assess income and expenditures carefully. Tend to your relationships with enlightened care. It’s possible you may be a bit tired, impatient, confused and holding an old hurt. What do you need to feel safe and secure? Do you offer this to others? State clearly, in adult language, your needs and wishes. So many things hidden must be brought into the light of day. Rest more.

SCORPIO: Your life assumes additional intensity (actually, that’s your middle name), which you try to hide. But you’re unable to at this time. To ease the discomfort of this concentrated power, this force and energy coursing through your daily life, maintain consistent exercise. A new state of self is developing. Set your sights on goals that serve others. Happiness follows.

SAGITTARIUS: The structure you’ve sought is finally forming, both publicly and personally. But you must discipline yourself in the right use of energy and time. Many people waste valuable time in emotional endeavors because they don’t know what to do when emotions overtake them. Stay behind the scenes. Work on your foundation and home. Plan for future endeavors or do nothing at all. You deserve rest and an affair to remember.

CAPRICORN: It’s best not to assume extra tasks, lest exhaustion undermines your immune system. You’re fully capable of holding the entire world on your shoulders, but soon this becomes unbearable and unattractive. Create a manifestation list stating hoped-for goals, wishes, needs, and priorities. This becomes a magnet. Those aspiring toward the same will appear. Delays are part of the pattern now. Tell yourself you’re flexible, adaptable and almost perfect.

AQUARIUS: Understanding humanity’s needs and sorrows, you attempt to bring forth new ideas and messages of balance and harmony, reminding everyone to also have fun. Your ability to manifest hopes, dreams and wishes is based upon having specific goals. It’s time for financial planning. Make needed contacts, then maintain and nurture them. Among many, this is your specific talent. Tend to your home.

PISCES: Piscean teachers, travelers, publishers, writers, adventurers, and religious leaders are busy with schedules, plans, travel (careful!), cultural, and/or religious endeavors – attempting to infuse harmony, change and balance into daily life. This is a tremendous amount of work. Pray for direction, guidance and no matter what, remain curious. Safety is most important. Although travel seems fun, it may be emotional. Crowds may scare you. Maintain poise.

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