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If you could choose one superhero or supervillain to be president, who would it be?

Local Talk for the week of March 21, 2018

Tristin McHugh's Headshot

I would pick Aquaman. Who doesn’t love the ocean, and someone protecting our shorelines and keeping our coastline safe?

Tristin McHugh
Fort Bragg
Alex Olivares's Headshot

Mr. Freeze, or any hero that could freeze things to stop climate change.

Alex Olivares
Santa Cruz
Business Owner
Raphael Scotti's Headshot

Superman, because it’s gonna take some super strength to fix this fucked-up country.

Raphael Scotti
Santa Cruz
Chris Salveson's Headshot

The Joker, because he’s wild and he likes to watch the world burn.

Chris Salveson
Jonna Paise's Headshot

Wonder Woman, because I’m very ready for a woman president.

Jonna Paise
Santa Cruz
Master Recycler
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