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What fashion do you hope you’ll never see again?

Dan Quinto's Headshot

All the baggy clothes. I just don’t think that it looks good—and I’m wearing them, too.

Dan Quinto
Scotts Valley
Grace Poppke's Headshot

High-waisted cut-off shorts that are just too short.

Grace Poppke
Santa Cruz
Sunita Chethik's Headshot

Pants below the butt.

Sunita Chethik
Retired Teacher
Cindy Saldua's Headshot

Frosted tips. It just looks silly.

Cindy Saldua
Santa Cruz
Lex McCally's Headshot

Shoulder pads, because they just look strange to me. Why do you have to make your shoulders bigger than they are?

Lex McCally
Santa Cruz
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