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Where is humanity’s path headed?

Local Talk for the week of March 14, 2018.

Jenny Neal's Headshot

Self-expression and freedom.

Jenny Neal
Yoga Teacher
Bob Mignante's Headshot

I hope we’re moving toward a more spiritual connectedness, as opposed to a technological interconnectedness.

Bob Mignante
Santa Cruz
True Art Tattoo
Rose Weigner's Headshot

I think there is a lot of awakening happening, so I have a lot of hope for that, but I do think there is a lot more work we need to do.

Rose Weigner
Santa Cruz
Photographer/Stay at Home Mom
Travis DeYoung's Headshot

It depends a lot on the choices we make going forward, whether we move toward our own destruction or the evolution of humanity.

Travis DeYoung
Santa Cruz
Veteran Advocate
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