Local Talk

If you could be someone else for one month, who would it be?

ltraoufPresident Obama, so I could change a lot of laws that pertain to people in jail for drug possession and other minor crimes.

Raouf Ben Farhat, Petaluma, Self-Employed







ltoliviaMargaret Mead. She’s basically the most famous anthropologist and she had a really crazy interesting life.

Olivia Arstein, Santa Cruz, Student/Baker/Singer




ltgeorgeErnest Hemingway, because of the great adventures that he had and the brilliant writing that he did.

George Newell, Santa Cruz, Retired




ltcharleyWonder Woman. She can fly, she can communicate with animals, she can make people tell the truth, and she’s super strong.

Charley Fierro, Santa Cruz, Dancer

ltleviKeith Richards. I would love to stand in front of a hundred thousand people and make them scream.

Levi Davis, Santa Cruz, Analyst

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