Local Talk

If you won the lottery, what would be the first three things you did?

local-talk---jevonBuild a restaurant, buy a house for my mom and donate a quarter of the money to the Boys and Girls Club.

Jevon Martin, Santa Cruz, Chef







local-talk---jessieTake half of it and put it away for my kids, buy myself a new car and put the rest in my bank account to watch it whittle away.

Jessie Strahm, Happy Valley, Teacher





local-talk---joelBuy both my parents new houses, get a new boat and go on vacation.

Joel Louis, Santa Cruz, Shipwright






local-talk---michelleDonate to education and the environment, travel and set up a trust fund.

Michelle Lewis, Santa Cruz, Senior Contracts Manager







local-talk---mikelleBuy a round for everyone. A lawyer is a good idea. Maybe buy a house in Santa Cruz, because I might be able to afford it.

Mikelle Jay, Santa Cruz, Mischief-Maker

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