Are marches and protests effective?

Local Talk for the week of February 8, 2017

Mareike Badstuebner's Headshot

If they are big enough and peaceful, they get the message across.

Mareike Badstuebner
Santa Cruz
DJ Wright's Headshot

I think there is a better way to voice your opinion. I think that it’s actually more negative than positive.

DJ Wright
Santa Cruz
Jared Hall's Headshot

Yeah, but it depends on the PR—how it’s presented, the coverage.

Jared Hall
Tanker Driver
Joe Lynam's Headshot

Peaceful marches and protests are effective. Its when people start causing trouble and destroying people’s property that it’s bad.

Joe Lynam
Santa Cruz
Donna Bronstein's Headshot

Absolutely. It’s a good way to get people united and know that you are not alone in how you feel.

Donna Bronstein
Santa Cruz
Aquaponics Farmer
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