Does radiation from cell phones concern you?

Local Talk for the week of April 11, 2018

Chris Maddox's Headshot

No, because I don’t use a cell phone, I have a flip phone. I don’t know where the closest tower is—and I don’t do Wi-Fi.

Chris Maddox
Santa Cruz
Deedee Cioffi's Headshot

I think it’s dangerous. Hands free all the way, baby!

Deedee Cioffi
Santa Cruz
X-Ray Tech
Kim Long's Headshot

I never put the phone to my ear, because it gets hot, it makes you sweaty, and I don’t like it.

Kim Long
Santa Cruz
Pricing Coordinator
Marcus Ziegler's Headshot

I think there is no real study out now that proves any harm done by cell phone radiation. I think it’s all for conspiracy people.

Marcus Ziegler
Santa Cruz
Alex Bogert's Headshot

I think that electromagnetic radiation acts at a smaller range, so in order for it to do anything, you have to be really close to it. If you’re sitting in a room with 10 people with cell phones, there is no issue.

Alex Bogert
Santa Cruz
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