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Should we keep Santa Cruz weird, or keep Santa Cruz safe and clean? Or can we do both?

lt kellyI think Santa Cruz will always be weird because of the type of people that it draws. But we could definitely focus on staying safer and always being aware of keeping our environment clean, happy and healthy.
Kelly Malloy
Bonny Doon | Sales

lt lani
We need to do both. The beauty here is in the variety of the people and that doesn’t have to be dirty or unsafe at all. It can be wonderful and open and loving and beautiful.
Lani Garcia
Santa Cruz | Student


lt wylie
Weird, safe and clean; support the police, make sure that the homeless folks have a place to go so that they’re not just hanging out with the rest of us. And that’s how you keep it safe and weird. Support the buskers, too.
Wylie Tollette
La Selva Beach | Financial Manager

lt martin

With a little effort we can do both, but it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of resources. And right now with the way the economy is. I think the resources are a little short. I’d rather have it safe and clean.
Martin Miller
Santa Cruz | Optician

lt corinne

I think we need to keep it weird, like in the old days—the good old days.
Corinne Becker
Santa Cruz | Bridal Designer

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