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Do you support free speech unconditionally?

Local Talk for the week of August 23, 2017

Joanne Lee's Headshot

I do. Everyone should have a say in everything. That’s kind of how the world goes ’round.

Joanne Lee
San Jose
Brian Strand's Headshot

I think if you are inciting people to harm others that that’s probably a line that you shouldn’t cross.

Brian Strand
Santa Cruz
Maria Walsh's Headshot

No, I think it allows hate speech to exist without really discussing the implications of it—and I think it’s used as an excuse to avoid conversations of what the consequences are.

Maria Walsh
Guest Services
Santa Cruz
Ana Luca Raldi's Headshot

I respect that we have free speech, but it comes with a responsibility of respecting other people’s rights.

Ana Luca Raldi
Geology Student
Santa Cruz
Zahra Edwards's Headshot

Completely, because we all need to have our voices, and without free speech we’re creating an environment to oppress different opinions—even if they’re very hateful opinions.

Zahra Edwards
San Jose
Contributor at Good Times |

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