What do you think of the dating scene in Santa Cruz?

Local Talk for the week of February 22, 2017

Jonathan Stern's Headshot

It’s great! If you are willing to put it out there, people are willing to accept you.

Jonathan Stern
Santa Cruz
Roxann Burdick's Headshot

It’s an absolute mess. With Tinder and online dating, I feel like all men are very distracted. I am old-school, and I think chivalry should not be dead.

Roxann Burdick
Santa Cruz
Cosmetologist/Salon Owner
Jason Burdick's Headshot

You’ve got to be a gentleman. The guys today are expecting too much, they’re entitled.

Jason Burdick
Santa Cruz
Business Owner
Michelle Wilczynski's Headshot

I made a system. One tap means ‘he’s all yours.’ Double-tap means ‘leave him alone.’ Triple-tap means ‘I’m spun out on that guy. Don’t touch him!’

Michelle Wilczynski
Santa Cruz
Kicksaw's Headshot

Drier than the Sahara desert.

Santa Cruz
Research Assistant
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