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What are your hopes for 2017?

Local Talk for the week of December 28, 2016

Stephanie Ross's Headshot

I’m gonna be as epic as possible.

Stephanie Ross
Santa Cruz
Software Development
Wrenna Ptak's Headshot

That the United States wakes up from this horrible dream and does something about it.

Wrenna Ptak
South Africa/Santa Cruz
Jonah Ptak's Headshot

I just want what’s best for the people of this country, regardless of their denomination, regardless of their beliefs.

Jonah Ptak
South Arica/Santa Cruz
Bridge Engineer
Kristin Zawacki's Headshot

Just a happier vibe.

Kristin Zawacki
Los Gatos
Recovery Advisor
Rebecca Heine's Headshot

I hope that all of the good celebrities are done dying.

Rebecca Heine
Library Science Student
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