What gives you hope?

Local Talk for the Week of August 15, 2018
Sharon Romanowsky's Headshot

Love. Not just romantic love—I mean any form of love. Wanting the best for another person.

Sharon Romanowsky
Santa Cruz
Georgi Sneckner-Longvoya's Headshot

The ocean. It brings me tranquility and peace of mind.


Georgi Sneckner-Longvoya
Arroyo Grande
Janelle Bartlett's Headshot

Children’s laughter and excitement, and them noticing little things that we take for granted.

Janelle Bartlett
Retreat Manager
Skyy Bistaccato's Headshot

Hard work and dedication.

Skyy Bistaccato
Santa Cruz
Compliance Director
Dante Park's Headshot

Really small things give me hope. Just a good conversation with people, or learning someone’s name. A good handshake.

Dante Park
Santa Cruz
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