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What’s the best/worst April Fools’ Day prank you’ve ever heard?

local-talkzachThis girl in my seventh grade class convinced our entire Christian school that she had cancer. Everybody started praying for her and stopped all the classes. At the end of the day she let everybody know it was an April Fools’ joke.

Zach Scotton, Santa Cruz, Retail Manager








local-talkrhiannonThe worst April Fools’ joke I know is to put honey in someone’s shampoo bottle.

Rhiannon Henry, Santa Cruz, Business Owner







local-talk---anastaciaWhen you cut the top of deodorant off and replace it with cream cheese and shape it accordingly.

Anastacia Cacao, Hawaii, Herbalist






localtalk davidIn the 1960s some friends in Alaska got a helicopter and took a bunch of old truck tires and flew 20 miles to a dormant volcano, put the tires down in the crater and lit them. From the little fishing town of Sitka they looked and went ‘Oh my god! The volcano’s erupting!’

David Lynn Grimes, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Alaska, Troubadour






local-talk garyI was in college in Stockton and I was going to see my parents in southern California, and I called them a block away to say that I wasn’t coming down. Showed up at the door five minutes later and shocked the hell out of my mom.

Gary Rossman, Soquel, Retired Teacher

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