Local Talk

Who’s the most amazing street performer you have witnessed?

Local Talk for the week of December 7, 2016

Chaos 938's Headshot

Bucketman in San Francisco. He plays 10 or 12 buckets and pans simultaneously for 15 hours. He’s a solid percussionist.

Chaos 938
Santa Cruz
Carolyn Getschow's Headshot

The Great Morgani. He always has the greatest costumes, and he’s a great Santa Cruz entertainer.

Carolyn Getschow
Santa Cruz
Americorps Program Manager
Virginia Scott's Headshot

The xylophone [players] are undoubtedly the best. They’re so enthusiastic, they play homemade instruments, and there’s like 15 of them of all sizes and all ages.

Virginia Scott
Santa Cruz
Pedro Smith's Headshot

Miming in France. I had never seen it before and it was pretty cool. People laughing in the outdoor cafes.

Pedro Smith
Santa Cruz
Window Cleaner
Emma Troughton's Headshot

In Boulder, Colorado there was this man that would ride a unicycle and throw fire and he would catch it in his mouth. It was pretty cool.

Emma Troughton
Santa Cruz
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