What do you think about the protests at Standing Rock?

Local Talk for the week of November 30, 2016

Rob Aaron's Headshot

The Native Americans are standing up for their inherent right.

Rob Aaron
Santa Cruz
Drew Hosmer's Headshot

Cops are supposed to serve and protect, and they’re punishing humans that are trying to protect the water for drinking.

Drew Hosmer
Santa Cruz
Sign Maker
Carolyn Schell's Headshot

They had the land first and I think the government should leave them alone.

Carolyn Schell
Beth Dunn's Headshot

It really disturbs me that in our society now we value money over everything.

Beth Dunn
Scotts Valley
Clinical Social Worker
Ali Babba's Headshot

It would be amazing if this turned into a protest for renewable resources.

Ali Babba
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