What do you think about the Uber and Airbnb business models?

Local Talk for the week of June 15, 2016

Kelly Gavin's Headshot

In some ways they’re awesome, but I can see how Airbnb is making the rental market really tough for a lot of people.

Kelly Gavin
Santa Cruz
Television Producer
Ryan Skotland's Headshot

As a taxi driver in Santa Cruz, Uber is making it harder to make a living. They’re putting us out of business, and they’re not regulated.

Ryan Skotland
Santa Cruz
Taxi Driver
John Starks's Headshot

Great for the creators, and tough for the competition.

John Starks
Santa Cruz
Valen Harper's Headshot

I think Uber and Airbnb are a positive in these times, because of efficiency.

Valen Harper
Santa Cruz
Sign Artist
Helen Del Toro's Headshot

As long as nobody gets hurt, it’s OK with me.

Helen Del Toro
Santa Cruz
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