If you had a time machine, where and when would you go?

Local Talk for the week of August 3, 2016

Matt Henson's Headshot

Queen, live at Wembley. I think it’s in 1985 or ’86. I’ve seen the VHS of it so many times, and I would like to see that first-hand.

Matt Henson
Santa Cruz
IT Support
Alex Bosinger's Headshot

The fall of Rome. I’ve always wanted to see the destruction of Rome. It was such a powerful city, and then it just crumbled.

Alex Bosinger
Santa Cruz
6th Grade
Pam Cannon's Headshot

The Czech Republic, because that’s where my grandparents were born, to see the places they lived over 100 years ago.

Pam Cannon
Santa Cruz
Retired LVN
Maija Starr's Headshot

The early ’90s so I could see Eddie Vedder in all his glory, even though he is still wonderful. I love you, Eddie, if you read this.

Maija Starr
Rachel Ace's Headshot

I would go 20 years into the future and make sure that we all survive this election year.

Rachel Ace
Boulder Creek
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