Is it time for a serious conversation about gun laws?

Liz Baker's Headshot

Yes. As someone coming from outside the U.S., we watch all of this happen from afar and can’t understand why nothing is done about it.

Liz Baker
Sydney, Australia
Kyle Teske's Headshot

It’s an important issue that needs to be talked about, and it’s been ignored for too long. And we can’t keep looking the other way.

Kyle Teske
Santa Cruz
Chuck Hamilton's Headshot

No. It’s a touchy subject.The government has its own agenda, so I don’t know if it’s going to do any good for anyone.

Chuck Hamilton
San Jose
Kirby Fosgate's Headshot

Yeah, it’s definitely time. But it’s been talked about for years and it was in front of the Senate today, and they once again voted it all down.

Kirby Fosgate
Santa Cruz
Retired Park Ranger
Madeline Mains's Headshot

It’s always time, until we do something about it.

Madeline Mains
Santa Cruz
Accounts Executive
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