Is there a way back to a unified country?

Lori Billups's Headshot

Yes, but it will take a lot of work. You work at it, I work at it, and everything that makes you upset, hold your tongue and keep going.

Lori Billups
Santa Cruz
Retired Caregiver
Matt Cohen's Headshot

The current state of bipartisanship in this country makes me think that a unified country in the near future is a naive hope at best.

Matt Cohen
Santa Cruz
Vicky Gonzalez's Headshot

The way back will be education. Real education for the whole country, not just California.

Vicky Gonzalez
Santa Cruz
Social Worker
Dora Gonzalez's Headshot

I think it will take a lot of work—the divisiveness is extreme with the white supremacists.

Dora Gonzalez
Santa Cruz
Retired Teacher
Bryan Bellemore's Headshot

Yes, but it might take a massive solar flare that wipes out all computers and screens so that we go back to storytelling around the campfire.

Bryan Bellemore
Santa Cruz
Painting Contractor
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