An Epicurious Lifestyle. It’s a pretty big mouthful. But before you whip out your smartphones and start googling, we already asked owners Marci Prolo and Adrienne Megoran what it means.

More importantly, we asked them about the actual company, which hosts private and public food events. Some folks might already know Prolo for her brand of homemade toffee, Goose’s Goodies, and Megoran for her catering company Food, Family & Vino. Together, they host public dinners at their kitchen twice a month.

GT: What is ‘An Epicurious Lifestyle?’

MARCI PROLO: Epicurious means ‘enjoy today for tomorrow we might not be here.’ We chose that because we have the one table that invites you to have family-style dinners, so really it’s just enjoy the food, enjoy the time you have together because tomorrow we won’t know what will be brought forth.

What do you guys do?

MARCI PROLO: We do private events here. Some organizations have their meetings in our kitchen during lunch or dinner. We’ve had book clubs in here. We also have a themed dinner. One of them is always the last weekend of the month. We have a beautiful table that was built by Adrienne’s husband. It can fit 20-22 people. We have a four-course meal. You come in and you can mix and mingle. What really is behind it is to meet new people and enjoy breaking bread together. What we like to say is you come in as friends and you leave as family.

What kind of food do you prepare?

ADRIENNE MEGORAN: We basically work off of the seasons, and what is sustainable. I would use more root vegetables or heartier meats in the winter time. And in the summertime get back to fresh vegetables, fruit and seafood. We do four courses. People sign up through our website. It’s kind of like a pop-up. On Feb. 27, we are doing a cozy dinner—I’m doing braised beef short ribs with citrus gremolata, and salmon with Meyer lemon vinaigrette. It’s a little bit of a heartier meal because it is winter time. It’s going to keep within the seasonal theme for the appetizers and desserts.

Why only 20 people?

MEGORAN: If it was more than that, I would need to hire a sous chef or somebody to help me prep. Twenty people is perfect for me to handle myself. The table has benches, and we have two bistro chairs on each end. It’s a nice number where people can still interact and talk to one another. Then we have a chalkboard where we write the menu on there and whatever events are coming up. 104 Bronson St., Ste.13, Santa Cruz. 471-8524,

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