Love Your Local Band: Hartle-Kaiser-Sunshine

Hartle-Kaiser-Sunshine plays Don Quixote’s on Friday, July 8.

Eric Clapton was the young protégé guitarist in the Yardbirds in the early ’60s, but a lot of his fans really consider him to have hit his artistic peak in the ’70s. For this reason, local musicians Matt Hartle, Henry Kaiser and Sunshine (Garcia) Becker are focusing specifically on this period for a special one-off tribute show.

“The ’70s period was really good rock ’n’ roll music, including Cream, including Derek and the Dominoes, stuff like that,” says guitarist Hartle.

Kaiser will also be playing guitar, and Becker will serve as the lead vocalist. They will also be backed by several musicians, making up a full band, but won’t just be playing the songs as written. In fact, they are taking them into completely unusual directions, giving each famous Clapton favorite an entirely new groove. Some examples include “Cocaine,” which will be done in a salegy rhythm; “Badge,” which will have a ska feel; “Little Wing,” in a carnival style; and “Let It Rain,” done as bluegrass.

In other words, it will be completely unique, oddball takes on Clapton favorites like you’ve never heard them before. The idea originated from local experimental guitarist Kaiser. The other members of the band are excited to follow his lead and go into the crazy places he takes them.

“Kaiser’s a crazy guitar player, very eclectic. I’ll probably be the eye of the hurricane while he goes off to the Netherlands. I hope to join him there for a little while, too,” Hartle says. 

INFO: 8:30 p.m. Friday, July 8. Don Quixote’s, 6275 Hwy. 9, Felton, $12/adv, $15/door. 335-2800.

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