Briefs: Suped Up

Suped Up

County fourth district supervisor Greg Caput and candidate Terry Medina, former Watsonville police chief, are squaring off for a run-off election come November. But one challenger who lost the race could still come back fast and furious this fall.

That challenger is Watsonville Chevrolet, who launched a “Vote for Watsonville Chevrolet” advertising campaign last spring before the June election. Voters all over the South County want to know: is Watsonville Chevrolet running for supervisor?

“We might. It wasn’t officially running for the office,” says Watsonville Chevrolet’s Melvin Cooper of their campaign—just in case you thought this was some kind of Transformers-type scenario where vehicles were actually running for public office. “It was just trying to break in for the community with some humor.”

Cooper says he got good feedback last time around on their creative campaign, which dotted signs in all the same spots Caput and Medina had put up their signs, and they’ll take it all into account this time around.

“My only concern is I don’t want to make it unfair on other businesses if they try to compete with us and then all the businesses are doing the same thing,” he says.

True enough. But our biggest concern is the high cost of making the supervisor chambers ADA-accessible for Chevy Silverados.

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