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While doing some fact-checking for my cover story this week on the 40th anniversary of Tandy Beal & Company, I called Beal’s house, and her partner Jon Scoville answered. “Oh, I was just talking to Tandy about you,” I said. “She said a lot of terrible things.”

“Hmm,” he mused dryly. “That sounds like Tandy.”

If you’re not familiar with Beal or her work, upon reading the story you’ll quickly realize nothing could sound less like her, and that Scoville is pretty much the last person on the planet she’d say something terrible about. But his humor is a huge part of what she loves about him—”it keeps me lighthearted,” she says. And their relationship is as fascinating as it is artistically fruitful. Romantically entangled since they met on a blind date as teenagers, they moved here in the 1960s, and have been partners and collaborators through their entire careers—his music providing the soundtrack to her dance work. In 1974, they founded their dance company, and they have a long list of celebrations planned, starting with the show “40 Odd Moves.”

That was the impetus for this story, and since I was writing a Q&A (as an interview subject, Beal’s observations are so intricate and quotable they kind of defy a writer’s narrative), I figured it would be only about her. But her personal life and career have been so intertwined, and she draws so much inspiration from Scoville, that it really became a story about both of them. And their relationship is one for the ages, as far as I’m concerned. We should all be so lucky in artistic purpose … and love.





Gotta Go

How does one recommend a musical with the name Urinetown? How does one even consider going to a show with a title like Urinetown? Well I did, and I discovered a few reasons why: An eerily relevant story of a community suffering from years and years of drought; the toe-tapping musical score that’s fun and memorable; an excellent ensemble of actors, singers and dancers; a story filled with puns and meanings (dare I say tongue-in-cheek). Special note to Versai Knight (who is still in high school?) as Little Sally. You should see her while you can say you saw her when.

OK, maybe the story is not so happy (drought and all), but it sure has the sound of one! Don’t miss the opportunity “to go” while you can. Seriously, don’t miss this one because you can’t get past the title. It’s at Cabrillo Stage until January 18.

Tom Ellison, Santa Cruz

Made Reservations

I just want to express gratitude and appreciation for all the supporters of my mission trip to the Hopi Reservation, delivering food, clothes and building materials that were given to me by the Santa Cruz community. The people there highly appreciate everything, especially the traditional ones who want to keep their ceremonies going and their ancestral wisdom alive. This is what you are supporting by using me as a bridge to keep the real American Spirit alive.

Our organization, Follow Your Heart Action Network, is making a stand for direct action to show compassion to the poorest of the poor throughout the United States. We love to touch all people with a joyful noise through music. About the level of our decibels, please allow us to have our freedom of speech and let our light shine in a positive manner.

Curtis Reliford, Santa Cruz

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contestBeach ArtONE LAST TIDING Sand art on Dec. 23 at Cowell Beach, during the lowest point of the “king’s tide,” which brought some of the most extreme tides of 2014. Photograph by Paul Rische.


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Scotts Valley City Councilmember Jim Reed, a former mayor, is getting deeper into politics and moving up while he’s at it. Reed has begun work as San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s chief of staff. Reed, who serves as vice president for the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, brings a mix of private and public sector experience to the role.


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New Year’s resolutions are all about growth. That’s why there’s no better time for a Q&A session about backyard fruit trees. An upcoming session, sponsored by UCSC’s Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, will be at the Garden Company at 2218 Mission St. in Santa Cruz, from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Jan. 10.



“You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” — Osho


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