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Letter to the Editor: Lyrical Praise

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz. PHOTO: TARMO HANNULA

Re: “Deep Cuts” (GT, 11/24): Your recent article on the history of the Santa Cruz hip-hop scene left out a major member of the local hip-hop community today: Lyrical I, aka Isaac Collins. Isaac is a local institution, both as a rapper and as a hip-hop activist. His presence on Pacific Avenue is unmissable, and he is constantly in the community representing hip-hop. Ask any Santa Cruz MC and they will tell you that he is at every show, spitting lyrics at every opportunity, and keeping the scene alive. Lyrical I needs to be mentioned in any piece recognizing the Santa Cruz hip-hop scene.

Ghost Hour, Eliquate, Khan, Mesha L, Spc-Cdt

After publishing last week’s story, we received many emails asking “Why wasn’t [one particular artist] included?” The simple answer is that as with any scene, there are far more artists of importance in the Santa Cruz hip-hop scene than we had room to fit into one story. I encourage readers to keep sending in their tributes to those we left out, and we’ll run them as we can. — Editor]

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