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Letter to the Editor: Puccini and Popcorn

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz. PHOTO: TARMO HANNULA

After reading the “Good Riddance, Regal” letter (GT, 3/31), I must point out one thing the sellers had done brilliantly: Metropolitan Opera Saturday Matinees, airing at 10am or so, our time, live, from New York! Interviews with stars, set designers, and so forth during intermissions, terrific filming technique of the opera itself—everyone gets the best seat in the house.

Walking on Pacific Avenue a few days ago, I found myself chatting with the new owner of the theater and asked whether the live Met Casts were in his plan. 

His response was, “If there’s sufficient demand.”

Opera-loving folks: let your demand be sufficient!

Side note to GT letter-writer Terry M.: The main profit in the movie business is (I’m told) snack sales, which is why the aisles and spaces between seats are “generous,” to put it mildly—easy in/out for additional overpriced snacks, and eventually, to the john.

Jane Walton | Santa Cruz

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