Santa Cruz gentrification

Map Shows Creep of Gentrification in Santa Cruz

Live Oak and the lower Westside have become too expensive for working class families, new research shows.

A new UC Berkeley map of gentrification in Santa Cruz, with orange areas most severely impacted.

A report released last month from the Urban Displacement Project shows a startling trend of low-income families being priced out of entire neighborhoods.

UC Berkeley worked with the California Housing Partnership to create the Urban Displacement Project (UDP) and draft the study, which was released last month. It examines the far reaches of the greater Bay Area, from Watsonville to Sacramento.

With Affordable Housing Week kicking off on Saturday, Oct. 13, a look at a map from the UDP shows sobering levels of displacement across the county.

The map indicates two areas with advanced gentrification locally—in the lower Westside census tract, stretching from Lighthouse Field to Mission and Swift streets, and in the heart of Live Oak.

Nearly every swath surveyed was either too expensive for low-income families or is at risk of becoming that way.

Areas that were already higher-income to start with are showing especially high rates of displacement and exclusion—particularly in Scotts Valley, Prospect Heights and northern Live Oak.

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