Nuz: Santa Cruz’s Recall of Two Councilmembers Has Officially Passed

Maybe more women leaders isn’t such a bad thing

UPDATE, March 31, 8am: This story has been modified to reflect the finalized vote tally for San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District.

Santa Cruz County’s election results are finally almost finalized.

As of Friday, March 27, the recalls of Chris Krohn and Drew Glover have officially passed. In the end, they were close. Krohn’s removal from office got 51% of voter support, and Glover’s got 53%. It’s quite possible that, if Krohn hadn’t hitched his wagon so firmly to Glover’s or if Glover had ever apologized with any convincing sincerity whatsoever, we may have seen a different result here. (Also, if the pro-recall crowd wanted to win more convincingly, they could have actually walked around town a little and campaigned, like the anti-recall activists did—instead of just sending out tens of thousands of dollars worth of mailers and sitting idly in their upper-Westside homes, while drinking wine and listening Hall and Oates, or whatever it is pro-recall people do.)

In other election news, the San Lorenzo Valley’s school bond measure narrowly passed. Soquel Union Elementary and Cabrillo College’s measures will both fall short, and the rest of the local measures passed by comfortable margins.

But back to the recall: if you have a single bipartisan bone in your body, the past year has probably made you think less of not only Krohn and Glover, but also a lot of the people who outwardly supported their ouster from the very first opportunity. As Santa Cruz prepares to move forward, Krohn and Glover’s seats will soon get filled by women, now that Renée Golder and Katherine Beiers have both won seats on the City Council.

That, in and of itself, should be welcome news, because, if there’s one thing Nuz has learned from watching local and national politics over the last three years, it’s that you can’t trust men with anything.

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