Nuz: Shroom at the Inn and Planting a Seed to Fight Inequality

Bette Middler on Santa Cruz: it’s worth a trip!

“The city of Santa Cruz, CA, has decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms,” Bette Midler tweeted out last week. “After the last 3 years, I feel we’ve ALL earned a vacation to Santa Cruz, you know what I’m saying?”

Meanwhile in Santa Cruz, despite the fact that we’ve indeed become the third city in the country to do just that, it feels like we’ve been on a bad trip for the last couple of years at least. 

If only Bette knew how we’d spent the past three years—listening to “Wind Beneath My Wings” on repeat just to cope. 


Santa Cruz Community Ventures has been moving forward with a savings account program for newborns.

Many babies are automatically receiving gifts of up to $50 toward their college or vocational education expenses via a new partnership called Savings and Engagement for Education and Development Success, otherwise known as SEEDS, which is helping parents and patients of Salud Para La Gente and East Cliff Family Health Center. Community Ventures threw a baby shower on Wednesday, Jan. 29 for the program’s official launch.

The concept has some academic backing. 2013 research from the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare, for instance, found that giving a savings account to young children could provide a significant boost to their college dreams. This idea also has echoes of a “baby bonds” plan highlighted in Sen. Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) lapsed presidential bid. Booker’s approach would have created a nest egg for young children. Though pitched as a solution to the racial wealth gap, it was clear Booker’s plan would have gone a long way toward alleviating wealth inequality in general among future generations.

SEEDS is obviously of a different scope. Regardless, here’s hoping this is just the beginning of creative solutions targeted at creating a fairer, kinder world.

For more information on Santa Cruz SEEDS, including how to donate, visit

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