Opinion: Good News and Bad News About 2021

You can find all the bad news in our cover story. The good news is: it’s over!

Editor's Note

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Last December, we hit pause on our admittedly rather acidic tradition of Year in Review issues. “This year has been brutal enough,” we told each other. “Let’s do something really positive and then get back to skewering everything that needs to be skewered after we have the fantastic year that 2021 is no doubt going to be!”

Well, in case you didn’t hear, 2021 turned out significantly less fantastic than projected. In fact, for a lot of people, it sucked nearly as much as 2020. This time, however, it was clear to us that we need to get back to calling out the worst and weirdest things our pandemic-addled brains were able to recall from this year. Coping mechanism? Straight-up delirium? Whatever it is, we hope we’re able to give you a chuckle or two over the things that bobbled our heads.

On the flipside of all this nonsense, however, I am so happy to report that we reached our $900,000 Santa Cruz Gives goal over the Christmas weekend. It’s incredible! As I write this, we’re at $915,000, and I’m wondering how close we can get to raising a million dollars for these remarkable nonprofits by Friday at midnight, when the campaign ends. If you haven’t donated yet, please go to We’ll all be watching that leaderboard as the ball drops on 2021. Happy New Year!



Letters to the Editor

Re: Homeless


“City Councilwoman Rebecca Garcia says that there is a need for a warming center in Watsonville… Thanks to federal and state funding related to the pandemic, the county provided several shelters for homeless individuals last year, but the city chose not to offer one this year because it did not have the staff or resources to maintain it, Garcia says.”

I am only quoting Ms. Garcia, not criticizing her. Why couldn’t some of the homeless [be] trained as part of the staff to maintain the shelter(s)? As for resources, have you considered asking your community to help, in the form of monetary donations, which of course would be well documented as to their use? People will help if they are asked, and if they are given some accountability from the City.

— Sylvia Lazo


 Re: Redistricting

 The proposed California Redistricting Commission map cuts Santa Cruz County in half. Watsonville will be put in the same district as downtown San Jose! This makes no sense. This will dilute agricultural and farmworker interests and reduce our general community’s representation.

Santa Cruz County should remain in the coastal region. Utilizing the natural boundaries of the county line along the mountains is an obvious, intelligent boundary allowing the district to remain compact and contiguous.

In the proposed redistricting, Pajaro Valley will be a part of Silicon Valley, which does not know or care about our local needs and concerns. This adversely affects our representation to the federal government and will remain in effect for a decade.

This is an urgent request for your readers to go to: and make a public comment.

Thank you so much for critically important help on this issue.

— Sally-Christine Rodgers

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