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Good Times Best Of Santa Cruz County Awards Ballot

Vote for your favorite local businesses, attractions, and more

You’ve arrived at the virtual voting booth of Good Times’ Best of Santa Cruz County Awards, where the pen, paper, and “I voted” sticker are all imaginary, but the results are the real thing.


 Remember: Vote for a minimum of 25 categories to have your ballot counted.

Voting ends at midnight on Sunday, January 21, 2018. 

Some guidelines:

1. We appreciate the creativity of local, independent business, and these are the businesses that Best Of celebrates. Therefore, we consider Think Local First guidelines when selecting winners: businesses that have majority ownership based in the counties of Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara or San Benito. We make an exception for chain stores that were founded in Santa Cruz County, and are proud to include them.

2. Votes for businesses with multiple locations are divided among the total number of locations.

3. There are a few categories in the food section that are so popular we offer a vote by city. Voters don’t always know where city lines are drawn, so we place the total votes according to where voters tend to ascribe them. For example, Pleasure Point winners are included in Capitola because most voters associate Pleasure Point with Capitola (it’s in Santa Cruz).

4. We reserve the right to eliminate a category with so few votes that it’s imprudent to assign “best” status.

It’s a privilege and an honor, this voting thing. And remember, you only get to vote once.The results will be announced on March 23 in our Best of Santa Cruz County issue. Thanks for playing!

If you are experiencing difficulties filling out the survey, email our Web Editor, Lily, at lily[at]goodtimes.sc for help. 

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